The Immortal's Temple
Recap of session 1

8 days ago the party was approached in the small oasis outpost called Kolkai by an Oora merchant named Udu. He wanted them to retrieve some sort of artefact for him. With the promise of a fair reward, they set out the following day to the west. They party journeyed through the desert along with Udu, his right hand man Levi, a happy go lucky archer, and his caravan consisting of 4 other merchants and 4 guards.

After 6 days of uneventful travel, the group settled down for the night, only to cross paths with another caravan led by a yellow furred Paskai called Akarat, an apparent merchant of rare goods. Udu accepted Akarats plea for supplies and protection by settling near the camp, as they had apparently “forgot” to pack both tents and proper supplies. The circumstances hinted that Akarat might have been hiding something, that his memory was never a problem. Nonetheless he made a warm impression on you, became quick friends with Arxes, who let Akarat along with his entire caravan sleep in his enormous tent. As thanks, the cat-man gave Arxes a pouch full of rare redleaf, which they smoked together and bonded.

Your two caravans parted ways and you continued travelling towards your destination.
Arriving, you were met by a ruined temple of sorts made of this sandy grey stone, approximately 15 meters tall, with strange ornaments decorating the large empty doorway.

Entering the temple you came across a group of 5, whom attack you at the mention of Udu’s name. After a fierce, yet quick battle the party managed to defeat the group. In the aftermath, Udu let the party know that these people were potential hires. But expecting riches, they left with a map containing the location of the temple. Udu lets on that the reason he never told the party where they were going was to avoid the same thing happening again. He also finally tells you that you’re after an item called a Wispfire Torch, and that you currently stand in one of the few Temples of the Hemi, the immortal.

Finally, Udu agrees on paying the party 300 gold each. Now the party stands in the outermost room of the temple, along with Udu, Levi, and a handfull och fresh as well as ancient corpses.

First Journey
Pre-session 1

5 days ago a set of adventitious adventurers were all hired by an Oora merchant named Udu, to accompany him to on a week long journey west through the desert to retrieve some sort of artefact. He left the details out, but assured them that the pay would be good. 4 days ago the makeshift party left the small oasis outpost by the name of Kolkai along with Udu, his caravan, and right hand man, Levi.

It’s midday, the sun is scorching, and Udu says that they will arrive in 3 days time.

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